Sing Books with Emily

This Saturday, September 23 (10 am – 12 pm),  Emily will visit the Marymount Farmers Market to Sing Books. Bring the Kids!

SING BOOKS WITH EMILY engages children in the performing arts and promotes emergent literacy. SING BOOKS WITH EMILY inspires imagination and love for words, stories and music, cultivates and conveys our musical heritage and provides a medium of quality time, musical engagement and positive interaction between children and their caregivers.

Future Dates to Sing Books with Emily at the Marymount Farmers Market
Oct. 21(this Saturday)
Nov. 18

Oktoberfest 2017

Oktoberfest 2017 was enjoyed by all. Thank you for visiting with us and enjoying what the market offers.

Maddie Clark

Maddie Clark is a talented singer/songwriter. She won the 2016 Bernard/Ebb Young Songwriting Award. We are thrilled to have her play in the market, August 12.

Jaime Star

Jaime Star will provide Music in the Market this Saturday, July 22.

Upcoming Dates

Craig Montesano

Craig Montesano

Craig Montesano will provide Music in the Market this Saturday, September 16.

Upcoming Dates